With years of experience, we are leaders in supplying various marine equipments and spares and also specialize in products for maintenance, repair and overhaul. Our team possess excellent technical knowledge and we provide the right guidance to our customers. Below are few of the spares that we deal in.

  • EOD Equipments such as Cartridges, Rocket Wrench, Remote Firing Device, etc are our specialty.
  • Marine OPV Instrumentation Spares.
  • Bellows.
  • Bearings.
  • Shafting systems.
  • Engine spares and other spares.
  • Diving Items.
  • Diving Suits.
  • Mine Lifting Bags.
  • Salvage Bags.
  • CO2 Absorbents.
  • Dehumidifiers.
  • Steel Tubes for Submarines.
  • Marine Coatings.
  • Marine Chemicals.
  • Marine Lubricants.

We also provide Repair & Overhaul services to many of our customers

  • Overhaul / Repair / Maintenance of main and auxiliary engines.
  • Topside repairs for ocean going vessels and offshore structures.
  • Fabrication and installation of deck equipment.
  • Steel repairs and renewals.
  • Repair of propulsion systems.
  • On board mechanical repair and overhaul.
  • Electrical / Electronics / DP repair & maintenance.

We also provide all types of freight, logistics support to our customers with our outstanding global coverage, connecting all of the world’s trade centers