Over the years we have gathered immense experience for Sale, Repair & Overhaul and Spares support for the IL-76/ IL-78 fleet. We have been supporting various customers over the world for this fleet and continue do so.

Purchase and Sale of Aircrafts

Mos-Tech FZC assists its customers in the purchase and sale of aircrafts in various stages of the process, which includes the Listing Services, Acquisition Services, Marketing Research and Analysis, Contracting and Documentation etc. We match aircraft to your specifications in a professional and timely manner, allowing you to concentrate on your business, leaving the important details of marketing, market research, negotiating, and contracting to us.

Whether buying, selling or leasing a new or pre-owned aircraft, Mos-Tech FZC is committed to providing superior customer service and creating mutually beneficial long-term customer relationships.

We currently are looking to sell an IL-78 Flight Refueller Aircraft for which we are sole authorized company with regard to the sale of the same. For more info on the technical characteristics, please email us at info@mostechfzc.com to know more.

Extensive experience in converting aged, unserviceable aircrafts to airworthy aircrafts

We have extensive experience in converting aged aircrafts to airworthy aircrafts.
Our team of experts inspect and investigate the aircraft and requisite data is collected by them regarding the condition of the aircraft. The data is then processed after through inspection and then the process for converting the same into an airworthy aircraft begins.

For this programmed, we can either provide the complete spares support or the same can be provided by you. We are flexible in our approach and the programs can be designed as per the needs of the end users.

Modernization programs

Recently completed one such program for an AN-32 Aircraft. The same was for Flight instruments and navigation equipment upgrade.

The modernization was done to increase situation awareness and reducing operation costs by installing Electronic Display System instead of traditional mechanic flight and navigation instruments, installed before, and
Increasing lateral guidance precision simultaneously with reducing pilots workload by implementation «NAV» autopilot mode for Automatic Roll Steering from SN-4312 navigation system through AP-28 (АП-28Л1И) autopilot roll channel.

We have done various modernization programmed for the UPAZ refuelling systems. Further modernization programs can be explored after thorough discussion for the IL-76/IL-78 fleet. The idea of these programmes are to keep up with the up-to-date modern requirements due to the raised aviation technical standard of various authorities. We can help you execute the modernization of various systems and Equipment of your in-service Aircrafts.

Repair & Overhaul Support

Scope of services include Engine life extension and technical status assessment programmes can be undertaken through us with the support of the OEM, Line and base maintenance on aircraft, Aircraft components overhaul, Wheels and brakes maintenance and repair, Engineering service and support, Composite and sheet metal structural repair, Lab services, Technical diagnostics and NDT, Engineering services

We can look to indigenously develop the UPAZ or refueling hoses of the IL-78 Aircrafts. We can discuss this with your kind self to take this forward.